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    Solar Panel Mounting Components Copper Grounding Lugs

    Solar panel mounting system grounding lugs are grounding elements for solar modules and solar mounting systems that are conveniently terminated to a ground wire.

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    Solar Panel Mounting Components Copper Grounding Lugs

    Product Description

    The photovoltaic module grounding lugs for solar panels is a grounding element with light weight and small components, which is easy to install on solar panels and solar mounting systems. It is an indispensable and important part in the installation system. There is a copper installation hardware. After the hardware is tightened, the ground clip dedicated to the conductive plate is embedded in anodized aluminum or any conductive metal to establish an airtight electrical connection.

    Technical Parameters

    Name Grounding lug
    Conductive sheet Hexagon socket head set screws
    Hexagon socket head bolt
    spring washer
    Size 18mm 100mm 0 M6x12
    M8x20 M8
    Quantity 1 1 1 1 1 1
    - SUS304/316
    SUS304/316 SUS304/316

    Installation diagram

    Features & Benefits

    Quick and easy installation

    Can be mounted on top / side rails

    Fits almost all modular frames and brackets

    reusable components

    Our Advantage

    A. Qualified Manufacturer;

    B. Reliable Quality Control;

    C. Competitive Price;

    D. High Efficiency working (24*7 hours);

    E. One-stop Service.



    Solar Ground Mount System Quality inspection


    1.What is the delivery time of your machine?
    Generally it should be within 14days since order placed,if there are any special requirements,let us know please.
    2.What’s your difference with other suppliers?
    The biggest difference between us is that although we are small scale, we offer the best service that we can do for customers,such as, we will oxidized each sides of products.
    3.Why we cannot find your website on the internet?
    Because this is a new web.If you turn more pages,I believe you will see it and we are upgrading our web too so that it could be listed on the first page.
    4.What is your design standard?
    For various countries,the standards that we follow are different,such as in Japan,it should be JIS2017 or JIS2019
    5.Generally,when we look for suppliers on the internet,we worry about their credits,so how should you promise that we can trust you?
    As you know,we are young,but we have survived for 5 years since 2016,which is worthy-trust,and what’s more,if you need,our business licence could be provided.

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    IPv6 network supported


    Leave A Message

    Leave A Message

      If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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