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    Solar Mount Structure
    Home Ground Mounting System N Shaped Solar Ground Mounting Structure

    N Shaped Solar Ground Mounting Structure

    N shaped?solar mounting system?is a conventional solar bracket system.

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      N Shape
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    N Shaped Solar Ground Mounting Structure

    Product Description

    The N-type solar bracket system is named after the shape of the letter "N" formed between the column and the guide rail of the support. It is a conventional solar mounting system that is used in a variety of fields, including commercial or residential solar systems. This ground solar support can be based on concrete or ground screws, which is determined according to the local ground environment.
    Ground solar racking system are pre-assembled before leaving the factory, which greatly reduces the work of the installer and makes installation simple and fast.

    Technical Parameters

    Features & Benefits

    1. Lightweight material: easy to transport and install
      Simple installation: maximum pre-assembly, saving construction time and labor costs
      High corrosion resistance: small parts are also anodized after punching
      Environmental protection: high durability, multi-geological application, recyclable
      10 years warranty, use more than 20 years


    N shaped ground bracket system


    Groung Solar mounting system certificate


    Wintop Solar brought forward the standardized and internationalized management concept at the beginning of its establishment, positively brought in and strictly applied ISO9001:2008,CP, APQP,FMEA,MSA, SPC etc international quality manage system in all phases including R&D, manufacturing, marketing and after service.We have strictly quality control 6S for all our products.

    Wintop Aluminum Bracket QC


    (1)How many kinds of your structures?

    At present,N shape,W shape,A shape,2V shape and T shape are offered.If you need more info about them,please feel free to send inquiry here.

    (2)What is the thickness of your product?

    Most of them are 1.3mm, some special may be 1.4mm.

    (3)What type of soil suitable for concrete?

    The proportion of rocks is more than 70% in the soil, which is suitable for concrete foundation.

    (4)Will you help us design and install?

    Yes! We have a team of professional designers who will provide you with the most suitable design.
    However, installation is acceptable. If you need, we can introduce you to a familiar construction team. 

    (5) What is your minimum order quantity, can you send me samples?

    Our minimum quantity is 1 set, and Yes it is acceptable to send you samples if you need,then you just need to pay the shipping fee of the samples.If you need,please feel free to send your inquiry to me.

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    Leave A Message

    Leave A Message

      If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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