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    Solar Mount Structure
    Home Ground Mounting System Diy Ground Mounted Solar Panel Racking Pile Structure

    Diy Ground Mounted Solar Panel Racking Pile Structure

    This solar ground pile installation system is a C-type pile foundation solar ground installation structure, suitable for installation on rock-free land.

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    Diy Ground Mounted Solar Panel Racking Pile Structure

    Product Description

    Pile foundation ground bracket systems are used for large commercial and shared photovoltaic power plants, suitable for non-petrochemical soils, and suitable for framed and unframed solar panels.

    The highly pre-assembled structure design of the solar piling ground racking system can greatly improve the efficiency of on-site installation, thereby shortening the construction period and reducing the construction cost.

    Technical Parameters

    Installation location Ground
    Installation foundation C-shape piling, U-shape piling
    Installation angle Up to request
    Wind load 60m/s (216kmh/133mph)
    Snow load 1.4KN/m2
    Distance from module lowest point to the ground Up to request
    Applicable module type Mono-crystalline, Poly-crystalline, Double wave and Thin film
    Module Orientation Horizontal, Vertical
    Design standard AS/NZS1170,JIS C 8955-2017
    Bracket material AL6005-T5(Anodized Oxidation)
    Fastener Material Stainless steel SUS304
    Warranty&Duration 10 years&More than 20 years

    Features & Benefits

    1. Light weight, easy transportation & installation and safe construction;
    2. The surface is treated by oxidation, high corrosion resistance & good stability;
    3. Suitable for various designs and solutions;
    4. The maxiumum pre-assembly, save contruction time and labor cost;
    5. Suitable for sandy soil;


    solar pile mounting ground

    ground pile mounting componments


    pile groung system case



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    Leave A Message

      If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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