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    Solar Mount Structure
    Home Panel cleaning robot Automatic?Solar?Panel?Cleaning?Robot


    The solar panel cleaning robot is mainly suitable for cleaning solar panels in various scenarios, such as the ground, roof, water, etc.

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    Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

    Product Description

    The photovoltaic autonomous cleaning robot does not require personnel monitoring, autonomous perception, planning, decision-making, and perfectly realizes cleaning automation. It has the characteristics of high safety, high applicability, and high durability. Both dry brushing and water washing are available.

    Technical Parameters

    solar panel washing robot parameters

    solar panel washing robot parameters

    Features & Benefits

    solar panel cleaning robot benefits

    Autonomous Planning

    solar panel cleaning robot best routine

    Auto Plan the Best Routine

     Autonomous Solutions

    • for the Ground Solar

    solar panel cleaning robot for ground solar

    • for the Water Solar

    solar panel cleaning robot for water solar

    • Industry & Commercial Roof

    solar panel cleaning robot for industry roof solar

    • for the House Roof Solar

    solar panel cleaning robot for house roof solar

    Autonomous Cleaning Solution

    solar panel cleaning robot for accross the row

    Autonomous Solutions for Across the Row

    Smart Operation

    solar panel cleaning robot smart operation


    solar panel washing robot safety design

    pv module cleaning robot safety design

    Recommended Operating Condition

    pv panel cleaning robot recommended operating condition

    1.Brush Cleaning Solution

    2.Water Clean Solution


    Solar panel cleaning robot brush dry case

    Solar panel cleaning robot water clean case


    panel cleaning robot dimensions


    panel cleaning robot component

    Number Module
    1 Kwun
    2 Outer covering
    3 Battery cover
    4 4G network module
    5 Self-cleaning pearl cotton
    6 Indicators & Buttons
    7 Handle
    8 Track
    9 Shading brush
    10 Brush handle
    11 Roller brush holder
    12 Roller brush connection
    13 Roller brush
    14 Water cube
    15 Water cube mounting holes
    16 Water cube pipeline support frame
    17 Drop sensor
    18 Strap buckle
    19 Exposure box
    20 Central suction cup


    (1) In which scenarios can the photovoltaic cleaning robot clean the solar panels?
    Photovoltaic cleaning robots can clean solar panels in all scenarios, including but not limited to ground systems, roof systems, water surface systems, etc.

    (2) How long is the shelf life and life of the photovoltaic cleaning robot?
    Different models of photovoltaic cleaning robots have different shelf life and life. For example, the shelf life of B30M2 is 2 years or 4800 hours, and the life span can reach 6 years.

    (3) Does the photovoltaic cleaning robot need real-time monitoring?
    The photovoltaic cleaning robot does not need personnel monitoring, autonomous perception, planning, decision-making, and perfect cleaning automation.

    (4) Will the maintenance of photovoltaic cleaning robots be troublesome?
    No, the modular design of the photovoltaic cleaning robot, the on-site disassembly and assembly time of each maintenance process of the product is controlled within 5 minutes. Significantly reduces maintenance time and staff workload. Accessories are always guaranteed.

    (5) How does the photovoltaic cleaning robot work?
    The photovoltaic cleaning robot operates autonomously. After the recognition scene is completed, it climbs up to the top of the photovoltaic array and probes the direction. After determining the direction, it starts to work horizontally. It turns around on both sides of the array until it covers the array, and selects the end point according to the parking mode.

    (6) What should I do if the power of the photovoltaic cleaning robot is insufficient during the working process?
    When the battery power is insufficient during the autonomous operation of the photovoltaic cleaning robot, the device will enter the low-voltage return-to-home mode and return to the starting position.

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    IPv6 network supported

    IPv6 network supported


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    Leave A Message

      If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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