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    Solar Mount Structure
    Home Solar Tracker System Automatic One Axis Easy Installation Dual Solar Tracker

    Automatic One Axis Easy Installation Dual Solar Tracker

    Double portrait horizontal single-axis solar tracker is easy to install and maintain.

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    Automatic One Axis Easy Installation Dual Solar Tracker

    Product Description

    Wintop Multi-drive dual single-axis solar tracker is suitable for areas with medium and high wind pressure. It has a leading AI intelligent algorithm, which can improve the power generation of the power station compared with the traditional tracking algorithm. It adopts multi-point drive to improve the natural frequency and damping ratio of the system, and increase the system's natural frequency and damping ratio. stability, while reducing structural stress concentration, effectively improving the wind resistance of the system.

    Technical Parameters

    PV- Modules supported Fully ?t for 210 module
    System type One portrait horizontal single-axis tracker
    Maximum capacity per row 72kWp (Estimated with 600W PV-Modules)
    PV- Module quantity per row 2PX60,2PX45
    Tracking Range ±60°(Customized according to project)
    Tracking accuracy ±1°
    Motor quantity 1 motor per row
    Structural Materials HDG Steel, Al- Mg-Zn Coating Steel
    Foundation Concrete foundation, Steel pile, PHC pile
    Quantity of foundation/MW

    125 PCS/ MW (Estimated with 600W PV-Modules)

    Solar tracking method Astronomical algorithm + closed- loop control (AI)
    Control system MCU
    Signal transmission Wire (RS485) or wireless (Zigbee)
    Drive method Slew Drive
    Motor Type 24V DC Motor
    Power supply AC- powered or self- powered
    Backtracking Yes
    Manual operation Yes
    Protection function
    Wind protection ≥18m/s
    Night stow mode Yes
    Overheat prevention Yes
    Overheat prevention Yes
    System fault self-diagnosis Yes
    Rotate to horizontal time 4-5min
    Wind load Customized according to local condition
    Operating temperature -30℃ ~ +60℃
    Operating temperature C5
    Slope tolerance North-south 10%~20%, East-west no limits
    Special tools Not required
    Load design standard GB, ASCE, BS EN,AS (according to project)

    Electrical Principle

    Single-axis Tracker System electric principle

    Features & Benefits

    1. Fully ?t for 210 module
    2. Intelligent AI algorithm to improve power generation
    3. Adaption to various terrains allowing a north-south slope up to 10% to 20%
    4. Easy installation and easy maintenance
    5. Stable and reliable operation
    6. Power generation increasement of 15-30%

    Main Structure components

    Single-axis Tracker System components

    CPP Wind Tunnel Test
    Wintop established a partnership with CPP, the first American company to provide wind engineering services to architects and engineers. Combining the frequency and characteristics of damping ratio of the WT-tracker tracking system, study the resonance, flutter, gallop, torsional divergence and other results of theWT-tracker systemcaused by aerodynamics, and analyze the influence and instability during the operation of the system.

    Single-axis Tracker System cpp test

    Wintop Multi-drive Solar Tracker Advantages:

    1. System Damping Ratio is greater
    2. Reduce Amplitude on Modules by 50%
    3. Reduce the Force on Torque Tube by 50%
    4. Reduce the Force on Driving Pillar by 50%
    5. Reduce Torsion Angle on Torque Tube by 50%
    6. Optimize Wind Resistance System
    • Traditional Single-drive Tracking System

    Single-axis Tracker System single-drive

    • WTT Multi-drive Tracking System
    Single-axis Tracker System multi-drive

    Operating Mode

    Single-axis Tracker System operating mode

    Terrain Adaption

    WT-Tracker System

    • Flexible Layout
    • Fully Use Irregular Land, Improve Land Utilization

    Single-axis Tracker System terrain adaption
    • 20% N-S Slope
    • Unlimited E-W Slope

    Foundation Options

    Type of

    Steel Piles

    Concrete with
    Steel Piles

    Concrete Pile

    PHC Piles

    PHC Piles


    Soft Ground

    Soft Ground


    Agriculture PV

    Fishery PV




    Anchor Bolt

    Pile-Top Welding

    Pile-Top Welding

    Single-axis Tracker System foundation

    Modules Array Proposals

    Single-axis Tracker System array


    Single-axis Tracker System case

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    IPv6 network supported

    IPv6 network supported


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    Leave A Message

      If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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